Exploring college completion data

Today I am exploring college completion data from IPEDS which provides detailed information on major choice, admissions related information, and the like.

Amongst universities requiring test scores and reporting them, 6-year graduation rates by estimated SAT score.




  • White: 0.78
  • Asian: 0.69
  • Black: 0.70
  • Hispanic: 0.71
  • Women: 0.79
  • Men: 0.82
  • Total: 0.82




dist_bach_hispanic_sex dist_bach_asian_sex



bach_pct_stacked_by_white_sexes bach_pct_stack_by_race


Note: The (white) male-female “achievement gap” with respect to bachelor degree completion is mostly found in a few subjects: nursing, education, psychology, communications, and the arts.  It is also predominantly occurring in fairly middling universities.  Males, by contrast, are found disproportionately in more technical, more quantitive, and generally what are traditionally vocationally-oriented majors (the main exceptions would be nursing and perhaps teaching).


PDF: Percent of completions by major (detailed) by race/ethnicity and sex

Major choice/completion as compared to white men

White women


Hispanic women

latino_women_percentage_points_deltaHispanic menhispanic_men_percentage_points_deltaAsian menasian.men.percentage.points.deltaBlack womenBlack.or.African.American.women.major.majors.percentage_points_delta
Black menblack_men_major_majors_percent_points

That is about it for now.  Perhaps I’ll touch this post up later.

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